Achieve compliance without compromises.

Streamline regulatory audits by replacing real data with realistic data that teams throughout the world can safely and effectively use.

A single organization-wide governance plan for data de-identification

Keep data at its source
Deploy on-prem, even into air-gapped environments, and connect directly to your database, whatever the type, with Tonic’s universal connectors.
Meet regulatory requirements faster
Integrate Tonic directly into your pipeline to remove sensitive data from your workflows automatically.
Mitigate risk
Automate PII detection to de-identify on the fly, and apply differential privacy to transform data securely with built-in guarantees against re-identification.
Share safely
Generate a fully de-identified or synthetic output database that can be shared compliantly with off-shore teams or third-party partners.
Erase data without losing its value
Link related columns to preserve relationships and maintain consistency, even with data stored in JSON.
Streamline data oversight
Maintain audit trails every step of the way and never lose sight of how your data is handled.
Do right by your customers, wherever they are.
ISO 27001

Churn data, not value; advance compliance, not constraints; and equip your teams and partners to work effectively without breaching privacy.

"Our security team loves Tonic because it solves a complex problem crucial to reducing risk for our company. It’s a huge win for Flexport, equipping us with the real security we need to meet compliance obligations and safeguard our customer's privacy."
Kevin Paige,

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