An all-in-one platform for data anonymization, subsetting, and synthesis.

Mask, subset, scale, and simulate your data across tables without writing a line of code.


GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 all have one thing in common: they grant—and, at times, require—the use of de-identified data. For these regulations and more (HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc.), anonymized and synthesized data streamline compliance audits by removing real data from the equation and replacing it with realistic data teams throughout the world can safely and effectively use.

Pursuing certification for the first time?
Here’s where Tonic can help get you compliance-ready faster:


  • Article 4(5)
  • Article 6(4)(e)
  • Recital 26


  • 1798.140(h)
  • 1798.140(o)(2)
  • 1798.140(s)(2)
  • 1798.145(a)(5)


  • 164.308(a)(4)(ii)(A)
  • 164.310(a)(2)(iii)
  • 164.502(d)


  • C1.1
  • C1.8
  • P4.3
  • 1.2.6

ISO 27001

  • A.14.3.1
  • A.14.2.6
  • A.9.4.1


Do right by your customers and partners, and respect privacy with the most advanced data anonymization techniques on the market. From complex masking to full-scale synthesis, Tonic makes it easy to remove sensitive data from your workflows without sacrificing data utility. And with our on premise solution, your data never needs to leave its source.


Mitigate risk and minimize data breaches throughout your organization. By streamlining data de-identification, Tonic safeguards data access without impeding your business’s work. Eliminate red tape all while logging each step of the way so you never lose sight of how your data is handled.

Designed for InfoSec

  • Automated PII detection
  • Data loss prevention tools
  • Shareable PII reports
  • Comprehensive logs of every step of the data generation process