Rapidly anonymize your data without losing its utility.

Get data to developers safely with streamlined, high-fidelity data generation.

Why Developers love Tonic

Eliminate hours of de-identification work
Automatically apply generators to every column in your database to model your data without writing a single line of code.
Replicate complexity
Link related columns to preserve relationships and maintain consistency, even with data stored in JSON.
Get as much (or as little) as you need
Capture only the data you need with our advanced subsetter—or synthesize new data to any scale in seconds.
Keep data fresh
Detect database changes with schema change alerts and instantly refresh your datasets as often as you need, so your data never breaks or gets outdated.
Ensure privacy
Apply differential privacy to transform data securely with built-in mathematical guarantees against re-identification.
Tonic integrates seamlessly into your DevOps pipeline. Deploy on-prem and start generating in a matter of minutes.
Docker deployment
Universal connectors to work with any data source
API Automation with CI/CD
Shared workspaces

Build without bottlenecks, de-identify without compromises, and iterate faster with better test data.

"Tonic has an intuitive, powerful platform for generating realistic, safe data for development and testing. Tonic has helped eBay streamline the very challenging problem of representing the complexities contained within Petabytes of data distributed across many environments."
Senthil Padmanabhan,
VP of Engineering