Rapidly de-identify your data without losing its utility.

Tonic gives you the production-like data you need to catch bugs faster, streamline testing, and decrease outages—in minutes.


With Tonic, getting quality data in the hands of developers is no longer a bottleneck. Instead, it’s an intuitive UI, a few clicks of the mouse, and a synthetic output that looks and feels just as real as production data. Stop losing time on data and get back to building your product.


Anonymize customer data to reproduce what they’re seeing and diagnose their issues effectively, without breaching privacy. Train customers on authentic workflows using data that approximates their own. For support teams, Tonic isn’t just a tool for masking data; it’s a tool for elevating communication.


Tonic integrates directly into critical workflows so your team always has the data they need when they need it. Features like automated PII detection and schema change alerts ensure that sensitive data doesn’t find its way into staging, without leaving the process vulnerable to subjectivity or user error.Designed for DevOps

  • Automated data modelling
  • Subsetting with custom where clauses
  • Real-time schema change alerts