Djinn is the fastest path to high-quality, safe synthetic data for ML pipelines

Integrated Workflow

Build customized views of only the data you need, working across your database, with no external scripting required. Train models on your views, then export those models directly into a Jupyter notebook to hydrate your ML workflows with synthetic data.

Data Fidelity

Capture complex relationships across columns of categorical, continuous, and location data, as well as the most nuanced relationships between interdependent rows of events data, thanks to Djinn’s deep neural network generative models.

Data Privacy

Validate the privacy of your data with reports comparing your real data to your synthetic data within your Jupyter notebook. Gain confidence in the privacy you’ve achieved and in your model’s suitability for ML applications.

djinn Free Trial Features

Connect directly to your databases
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  • Native connections to the leading relational databases and data warehouses
  • API Access for seamless integrations
  • AI-driven data synthesis
  • Privacy reports and analysis
  • Relationship modeling across continuous, categorical, and location data
  • Event data generation
  • Dedicated support from our data science team
  • Comprehensive documentation
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