Become a Referral Partner and get rewarded! values partners who advocate for Tonic, introduce us to new customers, and partner to win opportunities. will pay you a referral fee for every lead you bring us that closes as a won opportunity.
Choose your level of engagement:
  • Referral Only - Don’t want a long-term commitment? No problem! Just submit the lead and we’ll take it from there. We’ll send you your referral fee once the deal closes.
  • Referral + Co-Sell - Want to partner throughout the sales cycle? Perfect! We’ll reach out to you upon receipt of your lead referral, set up a call to discuss the opportunity, and review the next steps for engaging with the prospective customer.
Get rewarded:
  • Earn a referral fee for every new lead referral* you bring us that closes as won.
  • Earn a referral fee -plus- a co-Sell fee for every lead you bring us where you co-sell throughout the entire sales cycle.
*Referral and Co-Sell Fees are based on ARR. Fees are only valid on net new opportunities you bring to, whereby is not already engaged with the customer. Fees will be paid after the deal is won and closed, and will be paid on a quarterly basis after the customer has paid