Data Security Risks Greater Than Ever With Dev Teams Working From Home

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Just when we thought data proliferation couldn’t get any worse, welcome to an entire world of developers working from home. Using production data in staging is problematic in and of itself. Using production data in staging on home computers scattered to the four winds? To put it lightly: yikes!

How is your team handling this new data security/data access challenge? Have you found a workaround that keeps your developers productive and your customers’ data safe? Stay-at-home orders rolled out so rapidly this Spring, we wouldn’t be surprised if many companies still haven’t implemented a secure approach to enabling data access. Happily, solutions (including realistic data synthesis) exist. Our security advisor, Jason Truppi, veteran FBI Cyber Special Agent and co-founder of ShiftState Security, recently offered a career’s worth of insight into what companies are doing right and what they’re doing wrong when it comes to data proliferation. We’ll pass the mic over to him now, so you too can learn from one of the best.

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