Partnering with Spirion in an Industry First to Bolster Data Discovery with Data Anonymization

Ian Coe
Monday, May 4, 2020

Hot on the heels of the official press release, we’re very excited to announce our partnership with data security pioneer Spirion. Spirion’s award-winning data privacy tools include data discovery, persistent classification, and behavior software and services that enable companies to reduce their sensitive data footprint and minimize the risk of cyberattacks and regulatory violations. Our integration is designed to answer the need for Spirion’s users to retain the utility of their data, thanks to realistic data synthesis, while complying with consumer rights to be forgotten and the data processing and de-identification requirements of GDPR and CCPA. Or, as we like to put it: Spirion discovers. Tonic cures.

To learn more about how we’re joining forces, head over to Spirion’s blog and check out our guest post in which we delve into the unbreakable strengths of differential privacy and take our company’s name to new metaphorical heights.

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