An all-in-one platform for data anonymization, subsetting, and synthesis.

Mask, subset, scale, and simulate your data across tables without writing a line of code.

Data Generation in Every Flavor

Database Anonymization

Whether it’s masking, pseudonymization, or obfuscation you’re after, Tonic streamlines the process into a few clicks of a mouse. Our platform turns countless hours of repetitive sanitization work into a lightweight task in an intuitive UI. Securely connect your database and work across tables to preserve your data’s relationships and privacy at the same time.

Database Subsetting

A complex problem requires an advanced solution. Capture the specific slice of data you need and scale it to the size you want, using the strength of Condenser, our platform’s customizable subsetting tool.

Data Synthesis

When anonymization isn’t enough, Tonic generates realistic, yet wholly fictitious, synthetic datasets. Our platform automates the data modelling process to create a fingerprint of your data that respects all the original constraints, statistical correlations, distributions, and interdependencies. This fingerprint, and not the specific values of your data, is used to generate new, high quality data that feels and acts just as real as the original.

Custom Demo Data

Looking to satisfy a one-off need to best showcase your product at an upcoming conference or meeting? Contact us to learn more about the custom data we can generate for you.

Tonic integrates with the most popular databases.