Get the data you need to accelerate your growth.

Give your demo the data it deserves and your customers the support they require with realistic data your audience can relate to.

Why Sales Execs love Tonic

Automate data generation
Connect directly to a seed database and automatically apply generators, linking related columns as needed, to create new, realistic records on demand.
Spotlight your strengths
Build custom datasets designed to showcase your product’s features and capabilities.
Get as much (or as little) as you need
Capture only the data you need with our advanced subsetter—or synthesize new data to any scale in seconds.
Keep data fresh
Detect database changes with schema change alerts and instantly refresh your datasets as often as you need, so your data never breaks or gets outdated.
Elevate communication
De-identify customer data for use in POCs to train users on authentic workflows and diagnose their issues effectively with data that approximates their own.
Deploy hosted or on-prem and start generating in a matter of minutes.
Docker deployment
Universal connectors to work with any data source
API Automation with CI/CD
Shared workspaces

Enable partnerships, close deals, and enhance customer support with quality data created at speed, at scale, and with ease.

"We selected Tonic as our preferred vendor due to its plethora of advanced features, better UX, faster time to value, and lower total cost of ownership than any of the alternatives."
Donal Mac An Ri,
Architecture Team Lead