Tonic is the fastest path to safe, high-quality data for all your teams


Shorten your development cycle and eliminate cumbersome data pipeline work with realistic test data integrated directly into your CI/CD workflows.

Data teams

Mathematically guarantee the privacy of your data to unfetter analytics and ML training without breaching privacy.


Achieve compliance and minimize risk by enabling your organization to safeguard privacy without creating extra work.

Tonic On-Premises Evaluation Features

Connect directly to your databases or use our tutorial data and generate data to your own output database

  • 100% on-premises
  • Automatic Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Data Anonymization
  • Data Synthesis
  • 40+ Generators
  • Subsetting
  • Schema Change Alerts
  • API Access
  • Dedicated support, we’ll send you a few emails with guides to ensure you’re getting the most out of your trial.
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