Get an A+ in data privacy

In education, you’re held to a higher standard. Schools must monitor and protect the sensitive data of educators and students alike throughout the system.

Efficient and Compliant? Could it be?

Student personal data is protected under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Want to work within the regulatory compliance of both without slowing down your processes? Try synthesized PII. It’s “real” data, without all the government oversight.

Pass COPPA and FERPA with flying colors

Tonic meets the regulatory needs of COPPA and FERPA, as well ensures the advancement of professional development. Since all data undergoes tokenization to maximize adherence to the stringent regulations that EdTech must follow, you can alleviate the strain of adhering to regulatory committees.

Sell the product, not the data

The hardest part of selling a data-driven product is showcasing its capabilities. Until Tonic, creating a mock environment to display a platform’s capabilities took critical manpower. Sales demos using mimicked data makes it easy to safely and compliantly to present your product to schools.

Combat Prying eyes

Your students are worried about their grades, not their data security. That’s why it’s up to you to keep student data safe from external breaches.’s differential privacy enhances security on EdTech platforms, generating fake test data to give third parties nothing worth digging for and to keep PII protected.

Synthesize the future of testing

The concept of using production data in test environments should be a practice of the past. Our synthesized personal data provides developers with what they need to run real tests without sacrificing the safety and protection of its customers.

“We selected Tonic as our preferred vendor due to its plethora of advanced features, better UX, faster time to value, and lower total cost of ownership than any of the alternatives.”

Donal Mac An Ri
Architecture Team Lead
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