Bringing your team together again.

We’re making safe, fully-integrated collaboration a reality for disparate and offshore teams across the globe.

There’s no data as safe as fake data.

Regulations make it hard to share data across borders, but Tonic makes it easy to collaborate with synthetic data solutions. You’re not sharing data…if it’s not real data. (And yeah, we’ll guarantee that. Mathematically.)

Synthetic data for distributed teams

From building and delivering…

Whether you’re struggling to scale, or have already scaled and are fighting security issues after exponential growth, you need a safe and secure way to test software before it ever touches production. Our synthetic data solution has you covered.

… To support and automation

With great collaboration comes a great need for robust support and end-to-end automation. The good news is that we do that, too. Tonic works with all the most important databases you already use, and can be automated throughout the process.

Collaborate wherever, whenever, and however you need.


Relationship Modeling

Our data maintains relationships between fields, so you can harness Tonic to derive insights from structured and unstructured data.


Need a smaller data set? Say no more. Tonic can create a highly accurate subset tailored to your needs.

Datatype Coverage

Choose from dozens of string and data types to custom build synthetic data that works just like your production data.


10+ DB Support

Your entire data ecosystem, all accessible from one place. Your teams can work across databases and collaborate seamlessly.


Security is our middle name! Always maintain access control across users, keeping all your security needs covered.


PII/PHI De-identification

Just say no to breaches and leaks, plus keep sensitive data out of your lower environments.

Differential Privacy

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We do data privacy, mathematically guaranteed.


Safe, legal, sharable data, for developers in-house and out. Offshore teams? Not a problem!

“We selected Tonic as our preferred vendor due to its plethora of advanced features, better UX, faster time to value, and lower total cost of ownership than any of the alternatives.”

Donal Mac An Ri
Architecture Team Lead
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Fake your world a better place

Enable your developers, unblock your data scientists, and respect data privacy as a human right.