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The ultimate data generation platform

Mimic your production data to create safe, realistic, and de-identified data for QA, testing, and analysis.


Tonic is the fastest path to safe, high-quality data for all your teams.


Shorten your development cycle and eliminate cumbersome data pipeline work, with realistic test data that moves as fast as your team. Get a trial to explore Tonic's generators on your data.

Data Engineers

Mathematically guarantee the privacy of your data to unfetter your analytics and unblock partnerships without breaching privacy. Assess Tonic's data fidelity while protecting your own data in a trial.

Sales Engineers

Prove you product's value with pitch-perfect demo data crafted to spotlight every feature while realistically mimicking your customer data. Generate unlimited datasets during your trial.

Security Architects

Achieve compliance and minimize risk with a tool that enables your teams to safeguard your customer's privacy without creating extra work. Get a trial and put Tonic's safeguards to the test.


Connect to your data and try Tonic free for 2 weeks.

Evaluate how Tonic fits into your data pipeline with a hands--on trial. Connect directly to your databases, or use our tutorial data, and generate data to your own output database.

  • Automatic sensitive data discovery
  • Data anonymization
  • Data synthesis
  • 40+ generators
  • Subsetting
  • Schema change alerts
  • API access
  • Dedicated support


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Build without bottlenecks, de-identify without compromises, and iterate faster with better data.


Generate data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data and safely share it across teams, businesses, and international borders.


Proactively protect sensitive data with automatic scanning, alerts, de-identification, and mathematical guarantees of data privacy.


Go big or go small — generate referentially intact subsets of your entire data ecosystem sized to your needs, environments, and simulations.


Streamline your workflows to maximize productivity with seamless integrations, collaboration tools, and access controls.

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