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Enabling CSA STAR Certification and Developer Outsourcing at Bluedrop Learning Networks

Chiara Colombi
September 21, 2020
Enabling CSA STAR Certification and Developer Outsourcing at Bluedrop Learning Networks
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    The Problem

    Bluedrop Learning Networks is a SaaS-based training management platform that delivers and validates skills and credentials across a multi-stakeholder ecosystem. They approached Tonic in 2018 with a need to remove production data from nonproduction environments, on their path to obtaining CSA STAR certification. Along with generating data accessible for their in-house development team, they required a solution that would safely enable data-sharing with an offshore, outsourced extension of their team. Prior to Tonic, the offshore team never had access to realistic data, resulting in avoidable bugs, unnecessary product churn, and impaired developer productivity.

    Our Solution

    After looking at a number of competing products, as well as evaluating the option of building a solution in-house, Bluedrop chose to partner with Tonic for their data masking, subsetting, and generation needs. They selected Tonic as their preferred vendor due to its plethora of advanced features, better UX, faster time to value, and lower total cost of ownership than any of the alternatives. They also saw the product’s value in terms of risk mitigation for their company’s overall approach to data management.

    Impact & Results

    • Bluedrop satisfied challenging aspects of CSA Star compliance months in advance of their upcoming audit.

    • At the same time, they increased the efficiency of their outsourced development team by 50%.

    • Tonic is now part of Bluedrop’s nightly build process and a critical component of their development pipeline.

    Chiara Colombi
    Director of Product Marketing
    A bilingual wordsmith dedicated to the art of engineering with words, Chiara has over a decade of experience supporting corporate communications at multi-national companies. She once translated for the Pope; it has more overlap with translating for developers than you might think.

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