Automating data generation to advance data privacy.

Bringing together years of experience in data analytics, we understand the challenges standing in the way of effective, responsible data use. Today, we’re tackling those challenges head-on.

Our Team

Founded in 2018, with offices in San Francisco and Atlanta, Tonic is pioneering enterprise tools for database subsetting, de-identification, and synthesis. Thousands of developers use data generated with Tonic on a daily basis to build their products faster in industries as wide ranging as healthcare, financial services, logistics, EdTech, and e-commerce. We innovate to advance our goal of advocating for the privacy of individuals while enabling companies to do their best work.
Ian Coe
Co-Founder & CEO
Karl Hanson
Co-Founder & COO
Andrew Colombi
Co-Founder & CTO
Adam Kamor
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering
Craig Alexander
Johnny Goodnow
Emily Ritter
Jonathan Gluck
Howard Wang
Ander Steele
Data Science
Jake Friedenberg
Business Development
Jeff Kodish
Business Development
Nasir Wise
Business Development
Joe Atkins
Business Development
Chiara Colombi
Omed Habib
Jesse Irvin
Customer Success

Our Investors