Delphix vs Tonic: Which is the better choice?

Tonic’s modern test data platform accelerates engineering velocity by offering cross-database subsetting, cloud database support, and complex data handling.
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Why Choose Tonic Over Delphix

Optimized ease of use
With its modern UI, full API, and native database connectors, Tonic provides rapid time-to-value through streamlined workflows built for today’s developers. Onboarding is far easier with Tonic than with Delphix, enabling teams to get the data they need in days rather than months.
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Better performance at scale
While Delphix runs into performance issues when processing large datasets, Tonic is architected to match the scale and speed of data warehouses like Snowflake and Databricks. Tonic users regularly process PBs of data using complex de-identification configurations.
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Higher quality output data
Tonic’s focus has always been on making data useful, not just masked. With capabilities like cross-database consistency, column linking, and complex generators for JSON and regex data, the platform maintains the underlying business logic in your test data so your test suites work.
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Subsetting with referential integrity
Tonic’s patented subsetter works across your database, not just one table at a time, to shrink PBs down to GBs while preserving referential integrity across tables. Create targeted datasets using custom WHERE clauses or simple percentages to pull just the data you need.
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The Delphix alternative that customers love...
Native and performant cloud integrations
From relational databases to data warehouses to NoSQL, Tonic’s native data source connectors provide customers with the coverage and reliability they need to connect to their data without fickle workarounds.
Support for complex data at scale
Tonic’s robust support for complex data types along with its consistent masking capabilities enable users to de-identify data at scale without breaking the data’s underlying business logic.
Consistency and referential integrity
Maintaining referential integrity within your test data is essential for ensuring its utility, which is why Tonic provides features like consistent input-to-output masking and virtual foreign keys to maintain relationships and business logic across tables and databases.
Intuitive UI
As a modern data platform built with today’s developers in mind, Tonic’s UI is known for its ease of use and continuous updates, providing users with an optimized no-code user experience.
...and why they left Delphix.
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Rubin B.
Enterprise Resource Manager Environmental Services
“Unable to increase development accuracy... Delphix has not been a time saver, for us.”
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Nov 29, 2023
Joseph M.
Enterprise Job Training Specialist
“Delphix has become a cumbersome tool for managing our databases."
Read review on
Jan 20, 2024
John H.
Mid-market Portfolio Manager
“Delphix has obstructed our data management process.”
Read review on
Jan 25, 2024
Merle F.
Small-Business IT Trainer
“Customer support is not up to par as response times are slow and solutions provided are often unhelpful.”
Read review on
January 18, 2024
Features Tonic has that Delphix doesn’t
Tonic features that outperform Delphix
Support for cloud-based data

Tonic is built to work with data warehouses and data in the cloud, offering native connectors to Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, Big Query, and data in S3.

Cross-database consistency

Map the same input to the same output across an entire database or across multiple databases of varying types to maintain referential integrity.

Cross-database subsetting

Patented subsetter that works across your full database to shrink PBs down to GBs, pulling just the data you need.

Native connectors for NoSQL

Tonic natively supports MongoDB, DocumentDB, and DynamoDB, providing masking, subsetting, and synthesis for semi-structured data.

Complex data generators

De-identify JSON, regex, XML, and other complex data types with ease, maintaining consistency to preserve the business logic within your data.

Ephemeral databases on demand

Spin up and down fully hydrated test and development databases with built-in expiration timers.

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Last updated February 2024. Comparison based on Delphix’s full suite of services.

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"Tonic has an intuitive, powerful platform for generating realistic, safe data for development and testing. Tonic has helped eBay streamline the very challenging problem of representing the complexities contained within Petabytes of data distributed across many environments."
Senthil Padmanabhan
Senthil Padmanabhan
Technical Fellow, VP of Engineering
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