Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to Tonic? 

At this time, we're provisioning sandboxes for users who want to test drive Tonic. Feel free to book a demo and speak with a Tonic rep to request access.

Does the on-prem option require any outside access?

Nope. Tonic on-premises is 100% self-contained and does not "phone home" so your data is entirely secure within your firewalls.

Can Tonic perform joins across databases?

Absolutely. Tonic identifies the primary and foreign relationships among all structured data across every major database.

Even if you don't have a foreign key relationship, Tonic can use other methods to understand relationships between records across tables.

How do you connect to a local database when running Tonic in a docker container locally?

If the locally running db you wish to connect to is itself running in a docker container then please run: docker inspect  and find the Gateway IP address in the "networks" section. Use this IP address as the server address in Tonic.

If the locally running db is NOT running in a container but is just running on the machine then you can use the address: host.docker.internal if you are running on Windows or Mac. If on linux you can use which will be the IP address of the docker0 interface.

How do I check my current version of Tonic or get my current workspaceId?

Click on the Tonic logo in the upper left corner.

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