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Generate secure and scalable synthetic data, when you need it, where you need it

Fix your staging environments
Bring an end to critical bugs in production and accelerate your release cycles by fueling your staging and QA environments with data that mirrors the complexity of production.
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Unblock local development
Get rapid access to de-identified datasets that are fully representative of production, subset down for efficiency, and spun up with ease, as often as you need.
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Keep data environments fresh and in sync
Eliminate lags in getting data to development and testing, by ensuring that all your environments are hydrated with consistent, up-to-date data, refreshed on demand.
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Don’t let compliance slow you down
Generate realistic test data that ensures privacy and utility, to achieve regulatory compliance across your organization without introducing dysfunction into your developer workflows.
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Trusted by engineering teams throughout the world

Senthil Padmanabhan
Technical Fellow, VP of Eng
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“Tonic has an intuitive, powerful platform for generating realistic, safe data for development and testing. Tonic has helped eBay streamline the very challenging problem of representing the complexities contained within Petabytes of data distributed across many environments."
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"8PB > 1GB" graphic
Subset size reduction
Sebastian Kowalczyk
Senior DevOps Engineer
everlywell logo
“With Tonic, we’ve shortened our build process from 60 minutes down to 20. Their subsetting and de-identification tools are a critical part of Everlywell’s development cycle, making it easy for us to get data down to a useful size and giving me confidence it’s protected throughout."
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Faster release cycles
Jordan Stone
VP of Engineering
Paytient logo
"If I think about what it would cost for us to build something even remotely viable for us to solve our test data problem in the way that Tonic has solved it for us, it's orders of magnitude more than what it costs us to run Tonic Cloud."
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"600 hours" graphic
Development hours saved
Kevin Paige
Chief Information Security Officer
“Our security team loves it because it solves a complex problem crucial to reducing risk for our company. Infrastructure loves it because it’s on-prem and easily deployed in a container. And our engineers love it because it’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly into our software development lifecycle without asking them to do any extra work.”
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Certification achieved
Matty Woznick
Enablement Programs Manager
Pax8 logo
“You can’t tell that our demo environment runs on Tonic data. It is so close to a mirrored experience for what our partners deal with, and that helps us empower them and guide them better. End of story.”
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Faster onboarding
Jason Lock
Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead
hone logo
“Tonic drastically reduces the amount of time it takes for a full regression test for all of our core features. Before it was somewhere within a two-week time span for QA to get the data set up; now they are ready to go and have tested all of the core features manually within a half a day.”
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Faster regression testing
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Deliver the value of realistic synthetic data across your organization
Deploy Tonic
Deploy a self-hosted instance of Tonic, or work with your data in Tonic Cloud.
Connect to your data
Tonic integrates with all the leading relational and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, and file types.
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Transform your data via realistic masking and synthesis
Automatically identify sensitive data types and realistically mask or synthesis net new values that maintain consistency and preserve relationships across your database
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Distribute safe, realistic data to your team, refreshed on demand.
Provision your synthetic data via container repos or by spinning up a net new database, as often as you need.

Find the plan that

works for you


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Build better and faster with quality test data today.

Unblock data access, turbocharge development, and respect data privacy as a human right.