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Solutions for the entire enterprise

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Development & Testing

Create realistic, compliant staging environments in a matter of clicks.

  • Prevent developers from seeing PII
  • Eliminate hours of sanitization work

Compliance & Security

Streamline regulatory audits for data privacy laws, while drastically lowering your risk profile.

  • Preempt data breaches
  • Monitor data de-identification activities

Sales & Support

Showcase the strengths of your product; troubleshoot realistically even when customers can’t share data.

  • Eliminate low quality demo data
  • Streamline partnerships

Discover how Tonic is boosting productivity and enabling compliance at an e-learning company in our latest case study.

What our customers are saying

"We had a release coming up in under 6 weeks and needed test data. Since we deal in customer financial information, copying data from prod was unthinkable. Tonic worked with me to meet all my deadlines and the release went off without a hitch."
– QA Manager
(Fortune 100 FinServ)
"We tried to build our own data anonymization solution and ended up using a hodgepodge of open source tools and scripts. It took several months to get it sort of working. It failed a lot and required regular maintenance. Tonic replaced this solution in about a week and, best of all, I don't have worry about it."
– Sr. Software Architect (HealthTech)
"We selected Tonic as our preferred vendor due to its plethora of advanced features, better UX, faster time to value, and lower total cost of ownership than any of the alternatives."
– VP Engineering (EdTech)