The NEW Test Data Checklist for Serious Developers

June 9, 2022

So, you’ve heard the legends about real fake data, but you’re not sure it’s for you. Which, really, we get it—synthetic data is the new kid on the block, and you’re a smart developer. You’ve been building your own test data solutions for years. Who needs fake data from an OTS platform solution? And what could it do for me? 

All good questions. We’ll make it simple for you. Take a peek at the test data checklist below to see how you measure up… And if an all-in-one platform for real fake data can help. 

The Test Data Checklist test data checklist

Is this you? If you see your team and their problems on this test data checklist, no sweat. You’re in good company, and that’s literally why exists. We can help you build better staging environments to improve testing, keep your production data safely out of harm’s way, and keep up with all those wonderful compliance requirements to boot. Check out our free sandbox to try it for yourself. 

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