Fix your clunky demo environment

Shorten onboarding times and turbocharge sales with custom demo and training data built to showcase your product’s capabilities and workflows
Faster onboarding
Increased ACV
Lower storage costs
Impactful demos
  • Show prospects how your product works with realistic data that mimics production workflows.
  • Improve your sales motion to accelerate your sales cycles.
  • Increase your average contract value by better demonstrating your product’s value.
Optimized cost savings
  • Reduce storage costs by subsetting your data down to just what you need for demo and sandbox environments.
  • Accelerate employee training with safe, accessible sandbox data.
  • Streamline data governance to eliminate costly bottlenecks.
Guaranteed compliance
  • Reduce risk in your demo environments by eliminating PII.
  • Better enforce security policies by standardizing data generation.
  • Safely keep your demo data in sync with production.
The all-in-one fake data platform
Realistic masking that preserves data utility

Mirror relationships within your data and preserve consistency across tables and databases to generate data that looks and acts just like your production data.

Patented subsetting for targeted datasets

Get referentially intact datasets, shaped and sized to your needs and de-identified on demand, to maximize your efficiency and minimize your storage costs.

Full API for seamless data pipeline integration

Access all of the platform’s capabilities via API to seamlessly integrate realistic data into your demo environment while keeping it up to date with production.

Uplevel your demo environments with fake data from Tonic. You’ll be in good company.
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Build better and faster with quality test data today.

Unblock data access, turbocharge development, and respect data privacy as a human right.