With Tonic.ai, your data is modeled from your production data to help you tell an identical story in your testing environments


Safe synthesized data created to mimic your real-world data

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PII/PHI identification, obfuscation, and transformation

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Advanced subsetting across diverse database types

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Collaboration, compliance, and data workflows, automated

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Safe, useful data created to mimic your real-world data, at scale.

Generate data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data and safely share it across teams, businesses, and international borders.

Customized Data Generators

Choose from dozens of string and data types to build a model of and mimic your data. Create data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data.

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Primary & Foreign Key Synthesis

Generate primary and foreign keys that reflect your source tables. Safeguard relationships throughout your database.

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PII/PHI identification, obfuscation, and transformation.

Proactively protect your sensitive data with automatic scanning, alerts, de-identification, and mathematical guarantees of data privacy.

Privacy Scan

Eliminate hours of manual work by automatically locating and de-identifying sensitive data throughout your database.

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Schema Change Alerts

Monitor changes to your source schema, to proactively keep sensitive production data from leaking into lower environments.

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Advanced subsetting across diverse database types.

Go big or go small — generate referentially intact subsets of your entire data ecosystem sized to your needs, environments, and simulations.

Multi-Database Subsetting

Create a coherent slice across all your databases that preserves referential integrity while shrinking petabytes of data down to a size that is manageable and easy to share.

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Fine-tune your subset with custom WHERE clauses or percentages to get exactly what you need for targeted use cases in testing, QA, and bug reproduction.

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Collaboration, compliance, and data workflows — perfectly automated.

Streamline your workflows to maximize productivity with seamless integrations, collaboration tools, and access control.

Integrates with 9+ Databases

Easily connect to all of the most popular databases.

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Access Tonic’s capabilities with a complete RESTful API to build custom solutions around Tonic.

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Connect Tonic to any of the most popular databases

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Test Data 101

5 traditional approaches to generating test data

Anonymization techniques, from weak to strong

Data synthesis and differential privacy

And how data mimicking combines the best of the above

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