Data Synthesis for Healthcare | The Fake Data Spotlight Series

Abigail Sims
July 18, 2022
Data Synthesis for Healthcare | The Fake Data Spotlight Series
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    Fact: Privacy is one of the pillars of healthcare. The confidentiality of health records is essential to proper care, and it’s nobody’s business to know what goes on between a doctor and their patient. (Thanks, HIPAA!) So, when it comes to making software for the healthcare industry, it just makes sense: Developers can’t use that private data to test their code.

    And just fuzzing or scrubbing data doesn’t stop it from being compliant with privacy laws. (And using the raw data as-is is so far off the table it’s on the floor.)

    Today, we’ll show you how synthetic data for healthcare can help bypass privacy and compliance issues, and how is the best solution for your fake data.

    Synthetic Data Keeps Thieves At Bay

    Developers need data to test. There’s no argument there.

    Yet, trying to use your patient data is a massive violation of privacy and trust, neither of which are worth losing. Patients depend on that privacy for a number of reasons, and it needs to stay private no matter what.

    But! You don’t need to use private information to get the job done.

    Tonic allows you to muster up safe data that looks, smells, and feels like real data, without any privacy concerns or exam gloves needed. It’s a terrific solution that can solve a vast amount of compliance and privacy concerns within the healthcare industry.

    Synthetic data for healthcare is the key to unlocking your development and testing cycles. It’s entirely risk-free and doesn’t need to get bogged up in privacy laws or put real people at risk.

    Your Privacy is Our Biggest Priority

    Violating the trust and privacy of your patients is never an option. But we still need user data to innovate and digitize the healthcare world. The laws surrounding patient information are also somewhat complex, and even using parts of it can become a nightmare.

    Plus, the risk of bad actors hunting down customer data is very real. In 2021, there was a 50% increase overall in attacks per week, according to Check Point Research.

    Still, we need to use some form of data to get the job done, remember?

    Synthetic Data Solutions for Your Development Team

    Synthetic data acts just like production data, without any bureaucracy or red tape involved. With it, you can make a significant impact on your organization’s progress, such as:

    • Shield patient data by completely removing any personal information or identifiable information. With differential privacy and schema change alerts, our fake data is mathematically guaranteed to be safe.
    • Stop cybercriminals in their tracks by making the data entirely worthless. What are they going to do with fake data? It’s worth about as much as the stock photos that come in picture frames when you buy them.
    • Stay HIPAA Compliant with Tonic’s completely anonymized, synthetic data. Your teams never need to worry about crossing any lines or risking a leak of real patient data. Also, data can cross borders without any risk of additional concerns.
    • Innovate safely without worrying about data leaks. Why should your team worry about making great up-and-coming tech by tiptoeing around patient data? With synthetic data, developers can be free to push the limits because compliance is no longer an issue.

    Psst. Wanna know more about how seriously we take protecting PHI/PII with synthetic data? Check out our Co-founder Andrew Colombi’s interview about data privacy in healthcare.

    Yes, You Should be Using Data Synthesis for Healthcare...

    Privacy is paramount to healthcare—and therefore, so is data synthesis. We all deserve to have our medical records kept private, and that’s… harder than it should be these days. Using synthetic data in healthcare is (we think) the perfect way to keep your organization’s data safe. Hackers don’t want it, and even if they got it, they can’t do anything with it.

    Wanna start using real fake data in your workplace? Book a demo with us and see how our clinically-trialed synthetic data fits into your workflow. 

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