Data Synthesis for Retail | The Fake Data Spotlight Series

Abigail Sims
August 4, 2022
Data Synthesis for Retail | The Fake Data Spotlight Series
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    Data is the backbone of the retail world. Without it, you can’t accomplish things like trend analysis, inventory, or finances. The data must flow.

    But we can’t just take the data we currently have and pass it around to whoever needs it. (Although that would be convenient.) Protecting the privacy of our customers is paramount, and our information is vital too. With all of the perks we get from data, it’s tough to capitalize on it without risking the privacy of our customers or our business needs.

    Let’s jump into how data synthesis for the retail industry can assist your team with navigating your customer’s privacy concerns.

    Help Your Customers Spend More & Worry Less

    Thanks to data synthesis, you can safely mimic all the data from a production database without putting any personal information at risk. By doing so, you’re able to keep focusing on supporting your customers and tracking trends while your customer data stays secure

    With the ever-increasing risk of data breaches in the retail industry, you need a platform that can support your business and your customers. That means privacy, scaling, robust testing, and protection must be at the forefront.

    Data Synthesis for Retail Just Makes Sense

    With’s platform, your company can ensure that your customer data is safe and secure from start to finish. Our data synthesis platform generates precisely what you need, whether you’re working on training a machine-learning algorithm or supporting your supply chain across the globe.

    You already know what we do, but let’s see how synthetic data for retail can work for you:

    • Reduce the risks of data leaks. You control your data, and you control who has access to it. Our platform can be installed on-site with Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) to set clear boundaries between your source and synthetic data. On top of that, our Privacy Scan flags sensitive information for you to apply a generator and de-identify it.
    • Use Data Subsetting to get exactly the data you need. Allow your teams to get exactly what they need without sharing your entire database. Through our data subsetting process, you can break chunks of your data down to bite-sized pieces for testing, business intelligence, or anything else you need. Plus, with the power of differential privacy, you can be sure that no personally identifiable information (PII) is included.
    • Keep your data complex. Our AI Synthesizer uses your original data to synthesize new data that’s statistically similar to your source data, without any PII. It doesn’t matter how complex your production data may be either. Let your QA team run wild!
    • Spark Innovation. Your devs and analysts can flourish and get all the data they need. Thanks to subsetting and our AI Synthesizer, analysts can create models and run queries to get the information they need without going through hoops to access the source data. Your teams won’t need to spend hours downloading colossal data sets, allowing them to spend that time learning and growing your product.

    Don’t believe us? Check out how eBay uses Tonic to subset their data and get it into the hands of their engineers, saving them time and keeping everything secure, and boosting productivity.

    Putting It Back On The Rack

    The retail industry thrives off data, and there’s more and more data every year. However, keeping it private for your customer’s sake is critical, which can severely hamper your team when developing or analyzing it.

    Using synthetic data for retail allows you to steer through complex situations like data compliance, as well as give your team the tools they need to shine. Safely, securely, and easily.

    If you’re interested in getting started with using real fake data in your workplace, book a demo with us and see how it can fit into your workflow.

    Abigail Sims
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