Product Updates Product Updates: March 2024

Chiara Colombi
March 29, 2024 Product Updates: March 2024
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    We're excited to share the latest product updates and announcements designed to improve your experience with our products. This month's issue includes:

    • A new native Salesforce connector ⚙️
    • Output to Ephemeral ⏩
    • Subsetting on Snowflake ❄️
    • HIPAA certification ⚕️
    • Tonic Textual available as a Snowflake Native App ❄️❄️
    • and improved data visualizations on Tonic Validate! 📊

    But first...a quick note about naming.

    ✨ Tonic is now Tonic Structural ✨

    If you’re an avid reader of our product docs, you may have noticed a change in how we refer to our longstanding data de-identification platform. You may have also noticed a dropdown in the top navbar for “Other product guides”. Our expanded product line both inspired and necessitated a rebranding of our original product to better differentiate and position it alongside the newer arrivals. Tonic is now Tonic Structural, in honor of the platform’s purpose-built capabilities to protect your data while maintaining its shape, schema, distribution, and underlying business logic for both structured and semi-structured data. Kudos to Faker and early employee Jake Friedenberg for coining this new moniker. And welcome to the Tonic era of Structural, Ephemeral, Textual, and Validate!


    Connect natively to Salesforce ⚙️

    Yup, you read that right. Our very first SaaS app data source has arrived: Tonic Structural is adding support for a native Salesforce connector, offering all our data de-identification, subsetting, and synthesis capabilities for use with data in the world’s leading CRM platform. Salesforce data is ubiquitous in our users’ tech stacks, and the need to leverage it for development, testing, and analytics is higher than ever. With this new integration, users can de-identify Salesforce production data, maintain key relationships with other data sources, and pipe it into sandboxes and test environments (in full, or as a subset), all while meeting compliance requirements for handling sensitive customer data.

    The result is optimized application testing with more comprehensive, end-to end test coverage at enterprise scale. Or maybe you’ve got a data analytics use case, too, and Structural can now help you gain secure insights into customer data trends. To learn more about all the Salesforce use cases, connect with our team.

    Screenshot of the Tonic Structural UI showing a Salesforce database view

    Output to Ephemeral ⏩

    We’ve added Tonic Ephemeral as a destination database option in Tonic Structural, allowing you to generate directly from one product into the other! Previously, the only way to get data from Structural into Ephemeral was to generate it to a container registry like Docker Hub or Amazon ECR, and then use the container artifact to create the database in Ephemeral. Not only does this new, streamlined workflow eliminate the container registry go-between, it also supports higher data volumes. When your data generation job in Structural is complete, a data snapshot becomes available in Ephemeral, allowing you to create databases from the snapshot via Ephemeral’s UI or a simple API call. Getting test data (and subsets!) when and where you need it has never been easier. Book time directly with our Ephemeral team to learn more.

    Screenshot of the Tonic Structural UI showing the option to output to Ephemeral Snapshot

    Do you wanna build a Snowflake subset? ☃️

    By popular demand, we’re excited to now offer database subsetting on Snowflake. Our patented approach to subsetting makes it quick and easy to minimize your data footprint and your compute costs, while increasing your testing cadence and catching bugs sooner. Just like subsetting works on our other data connectors, we respect your foreign keys in Snowflake and also allow you to add virtual foreign keys to capture additional relationships and maintain referential integrity. Here’s to a springtime dusting of mini Snowflake datasets in your future. 🌨️

    HIPAA certification ⚕️

    For our Tonic Cloud users and for the Cloud-curious, we’re happy to announce that we have successfully completed our HIPAA certification, underscoring our dedication to providing secure data environments for our users in the healthcare industry handling PHI. This certification offers Tonic Cloud users an additional boost of confidence in leveraging our technology, secure in the knowledge that their data handling practices comply with HIPAA’s stringent regulatory requirements. To learn more about Tonic Cloud and the possibilities HIPAA certification unlocks, book time with our team.

    Tonic Textual 🤝 Snowflake Native App

    Do you have sensitive text data in your Snowflake warehouse? This update is for you: we recently added a new version of Tonic Textual built using Snowflake’s Native App framework. Install Textual with the click of a button to leverage the power of Textual’s NER models directly in your Snowflake warehouse so your data never leaves the secure confines of Snowflake. Unlock sensitive text data in Snowflake to train machine learning models, build generative AI applications using Snowflake Cortex, and protect sensitive data in lower environments for analytics. Interested in using the Native App? Reach out to our Textual team at to get set up.

    Snowflake Native App - Textual architecture diagram

    Improved data visualizations in Tonic Validate 📊

    Our goal with Tonic Validate is to help you answer a simple question: How do I know my RAG application is giving me good answers? To that end, we’ve been thinking a lot about the app's user experience and have shipped a number of new visualizations to make your life easier.

    • Scoring Deltas: Quickly see how individual questions perform over time for a particular metric as your RAG system evolves, right from the Project Overview page. This will help you better understand on which type of questions your RAG system performs well and potentially diagnose where improvements can be made.
    Validate Update - March 24 - UI screenshot showing a table of scoring deltas
    • Data Tables: A concise view of your benchmark questions and their metrics for a particular Run. It also includes the ability to search for an individual question, filter, and order by metric scores. Identifying poorly performing questions just got a lot easier.
    Validate Update - March 24 - UI screenshot showing a data table

    Small Updates; Big Impacts

    Often it's the little things that matter most. Here's a round up of our smaller releases:

    • The Tonic Structural API now includes endpoints to get and set the assigned table modes and table filters for a workspace.
    • Tonic Structural for Google Big Query has added support to de-identify snapshot tables. 📸
    • For SQL Server, the upsert function in Tonic Structural now supports tables that have identity columns but don't have primary keys.
    • Also in Tonic Structural, you can now assign the JSON Mask generator to Snowflake variant columns.

    As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on our products. What do you need? What do you love? What could be better? Send us a note at! And for all the latest updates, be sure to check out our complete release notes in our product docs.

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