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Tonic Now Offers a Pay-As-You-Go Cloud-Based Solution

Madelyn Goodman
October 2, 2023
Tonic Now Offers a Pay-As-You-Go Cloud-Based Solution
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    TL;DR: Tonic’s leading cloud-based test data management capabilities are now available starting at $199/month. Begin with a free trial, then convert to a monthly subscription with easy online payment. Get the realistic, de-identified test data you need today, and keep it flowing month over month for as long as you need it, with minimal overhead and maximum value.

    It’s a tale as old as time…

    You need safe, realistic, accessible test and demo data but complicated database structures and complex data relationships make building your own test data management solution cost and time prohibitive. This makes it feel like the quality test and demo data of your dreams will be forever locked in a high castle. We created Tonic to be your fairy godmother for safe and realistic test and demo data, simplifying how you access production-like data across your org.

    Today, we’re streamlining that access even further. Not every organization needs a self-hosted solution, and not every development team can make an annual commitment. Tonic is built for efficiency, and the latest addition to our subscription options reflects that now more than ever.

    Tonic Cloud Pay-As-You-Go is the Magic Pumpkin Carriage You’ve Been Waiting For

    Get the production-like test data you need with minimal implementation and upkeep when you choose Tonic Cloud. Tonic Cloud reduces your total cost of TDM ownership by roughly 50%, saving your developers’ time and getting you to value faster. Get up and running in under a day, and join our many customers who have decreased their time to quality data from weeks down to hours to speed up their release cycle, decrease bugs, and maximize productivity. No need for a dedicated ops or infrastructure team to manage your instance—you’ll always have the latest features and updates ready to go on Tonic Cloud.

    With our new pay-as-you-go pricing, you can check yourself out—no need to hop on a call. Simply sign up for our 14-day free trial and, if it’s love at first data generation (which it will be), enter your payment information at the end of your trial to keep the flow of secure production-like data going for all your dev, testing, and demo needs without interruption. 

    For just $199 a month, you’ll get the key features of our Tonic Cloud Tier for up to 20 table generations, with on-demand pricing for additional tables.

    Tonic-Level Security Even in the Cloud

    Tonic Cloud provides the guarantees of our world class information security program maintained by our dedicated InfoSec team. This includes: 

    • SOC2 Type II compliance
    • AWS Foundational Technical Review qualification
    • HIPAA accreditation actively underway

    With Tonic Cloud, you also get access to our world-class support team to ensure your success, with clear insight into troubleshooting and no need for log sharing.

    Curious to take Tonic for a spin? Sign up for our free trial to get access instantly. See you around the cloud! ☁️

    Madelyn Goodman
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    Driven by a passion for promoting game changing technologies, Madelyn creates mission-focused content as a Product Marketing Associate at Tonic. With a background in Data Science, she recognizes the importance of community for developers and creates content to galvanize that community.

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