Tonic x Shipyard: A modern platform for secure, agile testing

Anuj Patel
February 6, 2024
Tonic x Shipyard: A modern platform for secure, agile testing
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    We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Shipyard, the company bringing your engineering org into the modern era with agile on-demand ephemeral environments. Together, we are on a mission to revolutionize how companies develop software by providing modern software testing solutions that champion developer productivity and data privacy. The partnership represents a new paradigm in software development, one that ensures engineering teams can work efficiently and safely in today's data-driven world. A modern approach to test data stands at the forefront of data de-identification, synthesis, and subsetting. Our innovative technology enables developers and data practitioners to create high-fidelity, safe versions of their data for diverse applications, including software development, testing, data analysis, and ML model training. By utilizing Tonic's solutions, thousands of developers worldwide can shorten development cycles, bypass cumbersome data pipeline work, and, most importantly, ensure that handling of customer data is held to the highest standards.

    Shipyard: Revolutionizing platform engineering

    Shipyard’s platform specializes in generating on-demand ephemeral instances of your application defined via your project's Docker Compose or Kubernetes YAML configurations. The process is streamlined: initiate a pull request and Shipyard springs into action, recognizing the PR and swiftly establishing a dedicated cloud environment. Each environment is a single-tenant cluster, isolated and safeguarded through SSO, ensuring not just developers, but also other stakeholders, can gain immediate access to developing features with a mere click. Shipyard revolutionizes the review process of new features, fosters parallel testing, minimizes context switching, and ultimately, conserves valuable time for your development team.

    Why we are partnering

    Both companies are on a mission to revolutionize software testing in a data-driven, cloud-first world and the synergies are evident in our approaches to software testing. While Tonic supplies the high-quality, de-identified fake data, Shipyard provides agile, on-demand ephemeral environments. The partnership offers developers a unique proposition: instant access to secure, private environments hydrated with fake data that accurately reflects production so that you can efficiently QA your code. The result is an enhanced testing process, faster release cycles, and more efficient use of resources, all while maintaining the utmost security and privacy standards.

    The unique blend of Tonic's data synthesis and Shipyard's agile environments accelerates the development process, significantly reducing time-to-market for new software releases. Teams can now test more rigorously and frequently, using data that mirrors real-world scenarios without compromising privacy. Use Tonic to create a realistic replica of your entire production database devoid of any sensitive information and output directly to a test data artifact that can be referenced in your Docker Compose or Kubernetes YAML files. When a pull request is initiated, Shipyard automatically spins up an ephemeral instance of your application that can go through your QA process. This not only boosts testing accuracy but also aligns with compliance requirements, making it an ideal solution for industries handling sensitive information.

    The takeaway

    Tonic and Shipyard marks a significant step forward in the realms of software development and testing. It represents our commitment to innovation, security, and efficiency in a world increasingly driven by data. We’re excited to bring organizations into the future of platform engineering.

    To learn more about how Tonic and Shipyard can transform your development and testing processes, visit and Shipyard. Embrace the future of software development with us!

    Anuj Patel
    Business Operations Manager
    Anuj Patel is a Business Operations Manager at Tonic. Previously, Anuj was an early stage investor at Octave investing in enterprise AI/ML and data companies. He is a graduate of Stanford University and the Michigan Ross School of Business, enjoys working his way through a tough Saturday NY Times crossword puzzle, and is on a never-ending quest to break 80.

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