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We are Excited to Announce That is Now Available on AWS Marketplace!

Abigail Sims
January 3, 2023
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Software teams from the largest deployments in the world utilize to empower their thousands of software engineers to build and QA with more accuracy with pre-prod environments mimicking production data behavior. is a critical asset for developers turning to real fake data to accelerate their CI/CD pipelines. Today, that acceleration has gotten even faster with our recently announced integration with Amazon’s AWS Marketplace!

Developers can easily procure through AWS Marketplace without having to go through the time-consuming process of setting up new payment methods or dealing with complicated procurement processes. In addition, your Tonic purchases will count towards your annual AWS EDP spend commitment.

The Tonic + AWS Partnership

Tonic is a synthetic data platform that equips developers with the data they need to build products effectively, while achieving compliance and security. Tonic mimics production data to create safe, realistic, and de-identified data, preserving critical relationships and maintaining input-to-output consistency across tables and databases. 

“Partnering with AWS makes it easy for our customers to find and procure’s Cloud and Self-hosted offerings globally while accelerating the time-to-contract.” — Tricia Schooping, Director of Partners & Alliances

“Today’s software developers need rapid access to quality test data while ensuring compliance and security. Tonic delivers that, and more,” said Tricia Schooping, Director of Partners & Alliances at “Partnering with AWS makes it easy for our customers to find and procure’s Cloud and Self-hosted offerings globally while accelerating the time-to-contract.”

Tonic Turbocharges Development With High-Fidelity Test Data is the leader in fake data generation for software development and testing. The Tonic platform provides privacy guarantees while rapidly equipping developers with the data they need to do their best work. By seamlessly integrating data de-identification, subsetting, and synthesis into modern CI/CD pipelines, Tonic helps customers shorten development cycles, eliminate cumbersome data pipeline overhead, and guarantee the privacy of their data. Using universal data connectors and flexible APIs, Tonic integrates seamlessly into existing pipelines and allows developers to shape and size their data through advanced subsetting and synthetic scaling technology. By leveraging the latest in differential privacy, Tonic bakes in peace of mind, eliminating friction for teams working to deliver solutions at the speed of thought.

Wanna learn more? Reach out to our team at, or book a demo with our team today to get a complete tour of Tonic!

Abigail Sims
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