Full Database Subsetting

Get referentially intact subsets that stays small, avoids cyclical dependencies, and provides controls for non-expressed foreign keys

Ease of Use

With a dedicated UI for subsetting, Tonic allows low config subsetting with graph view controls to see how the data is affected real time

What our customers are saying


“Before implementing Tonic, our QA and development environments looked nothing like production. Tonic removed a major blocker for us by enabling our teams to test at scale with data that mirrors the size, shape, and feel of our production data. And by guaranteeing privacy for HIPAA compliance, Tonic allows us to share that data safely with our off-shore development teams, too.”

Nemo Nemeth
Algeus Head of Data Products

“With Tonic, we’ve shortened our build process from 60 minutes down to 20. Their subsetting and de-identification tools are a critical part of Everlywell’s development cycle, making it easy for us to get data down to a useful size and giving me confidence it’s protected throughout.”

Sebastian Kowalczyk
Everylwell Senior DevOps Engineer

“This year is all about subsetting the data in key domains, protecting it, and making the de-identified data accessible to our developers. We’re in the phase of building the infrastructure, building the fundamentals. As our developers have started to take ownership of the project, we’re really seeing the momentum pick up.”

Senthil Padmanabhan
eBay VP of Engineering