Sensitive text redaction built for your data

Build and fine-tune LLMs on your free-text data while ensuring compliance and keeping sensitive information safe with Solar.

Customized sensitive data detection and redaction

Automatically identify and redact an unlimited number of entity types in your free-text data, from PII to domain-specific sensitive information, with a high degree of accuracy. Customize what Solar detects as sensitive by easily training our entity recognition model to meet the unique needs of your data.
Custom entity definition in Solar
Realistic free-text data synthesis in Solar by

Realistic transformation and synthesis

Transform sensitive data in your unstructured text into contextually relevant synthetic data. Preserve the realism of your training data and customize the output for bias detection to ensure that your models accurately predict the full breadth of your scenarios.

Enterprise-ready UI

Easily and efficiently configure, iterate, and manage redaction policies and model deployment by way of an intuitive UI, built for scale. Equip your organization with centralized monitoring and automated reporting to strengthen your security posture without slowing down your team.
Screenshot of the Solar UI

Fuel your models with Solar today

Safeguard your most important data while unlocking the power of LLMs.