There’s a better way to stage.

Want to stop losing great ideas to low-quality tests? Tonic provides the finest artisan test data, hand-faked for your environments.

Have your production data and test with it too.

You need usable test data that represents production as closely as possible, without violating compliance requirements or compromising data integrity. Tonic does exactly that. We make it possible to safely test with data that looks, acts, and feels exactly like production data.

We can’t believe it’s not prod data.

The finest, fakest data available.

Better staging environments require better data to test with. And that’s what Tonic does best—safe, reliable, entirely synthetic test data. It behaves like production data in testing, because it is made from production data. And made completely safe.

Let’s talk about subsetting!

Ever wished you didn’t have to work with petabytes of production data in staging, QA, and beyond? Tonic enables your team to freely subset large data sets into smaller, more manageable ones, without losing any of that data’s utility. It’s all the agility of pre-prod environments, with none of the risk.

Environments so powerful, production is a little jealous.


Relationship Modeling

Anonymize a field and still use it in a join, preserve the cardinality of a column, and match duplicate data DBs.

Consistent De-identification

Anonymize a field and still use it in a join, preserve the cardinality of a column, and match duplicate data DBs.



Create a highly accurate subset tailored to your needs, with as many seed data columns as your heart desires.

Continuous Generation

Preserve critical relationships and maintain consistency, even with semi-structured or unstructured data.

Restful API

Tonic integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, operations, and CI/CD pipelines using the most advanced technologies available.


Datatype Coverage  

No matter what kind of data you work with, Tonic creates fake data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data.

10+ DB Support

Work across (and between!) heterogeneous databases to capture your entire data ecosystem, all in one place.

“Before implementing Tonic, our QA and development environments looked nothing like production. Tonic removed a major blocker for us by enabling our teams to test at scale with data that mirrors the size, shape, and feel of our production data. And by guaranteeing privacy for HIPAA compliance, Tonic allows us to share that data safely with our off-shore development teams, too.”
Nemo Nemeth,
Head of Data Products
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Fake your world a better place

Enable your developers, unblock your data scientists, and respect data privacy as a human right.