Fix your broken staging environments

Bring an end to critical bugs in production and accelerate your release cycles by fueling your QA and test environments with on-demand data that mirrors the complexity of production
Faster release cycles
Return on investment
Critical bugs in production
Rapid data provisioning
  • Refresh pre-prod data on demand to keep staging up to date with every commit.
  • Accelerate data provisioning speed with native integrations that replicate your schemas and configurations.
  • Integrate directly into test data pipelines via API.
Optimized data quality
  • Accelerate regression testing with fully representative pre-prod data.
  • Catch bugs sooner with test data that mimics all your edge cases.
  • Reproduce bugs more effectively with targeted database subsets.
Guaranteed compliance
  • Reduce risk in your pre-production environments by eliminating PII.
  • Better enforce security policies by standardizing data generation.
  • Maximize off-shore resources with safe-to-share, compliant data.
The all-in-one test data platform
Masking and synthesis that mirrors your complex data

Work across databases to apply granular data masking and synthesis techniques that maintain relationships and ensure input-to-output consistency within your data.

Platform solution with native database integrations

Support for all the leading databases and a fully accessible API enable seamless integration within your CI/CD workflows and automated test suites.

Optimized performance for PB-scale data

Eliminate lags in data provisioning with a platform specifically architected to scale at pace with your data, moving test data as fast as your hardware allows.

Build effective staging environments with fake
data from Tonic. You’ll be in good company.
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Build better and faster with quality test data today.

Unblock data access, turbocharge development, and respect data privacy as a human right.