Performance validation for RAG applications

Automated metrics, testing, and continuous observability of production RAG systems.

Measure and confirm performance

Calculate RAG metrics to assess the accuracy of your RAG responses and retrieved context. Tonic Validate has custom-built metrics that leverage LLMs to isolate and test each component of your RAG application.

Track, compare, and iterate on experiments

Track RAG parameters and responses by logging them to Tonic Validate. Visualize how metrics change across experiments to perfect your RAG system.

Build custom performance benchmarks

Build benchmark datasets of questions and reference answers for your RAG application. Visualize how your RAG app performs across the benchmark questions.


LlamaIndex is a "data framework" to help build LLM apps. It provides data connectors to ingest existing data sources and formats and enables data to be structured and easily used with LLMs. You can leverage the advanced evaluation metrics from Tonic Validate directly within LlamaIndex's platform and visualize experiments and monitor RAG performance easily using our UI.

Optimize your RAG applications with Tonic Validate today

Use Tonic Validate to rigorously evaluate and improve your RAG applications.