Data Synthesis for EdTech | The Fake Data Spotlight Series

Abigail Sims
September 1, 2022
Data Synthesis for EdTech | The Fake Data Spotlight Series
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    We all know COVID rocked everyone’s world, but when it came to education? Hah. Yeah, everything’s changed. When learning went online, EdTech went from optional to absolutely 100% mandatory in a matter of weeks. 

    As schools transitioned to new platforms to help with virtual teaching, many of these platforms were not prepared to deal with the massive influx of new students. And trying to manage the data from all of these new users, when those platforms weren’t even originally designed to be compliant with privacy laws? Y-I-K-E-S. It’s been a mess, basically. 

    Today, we’ll examine how data privacy impacts the education world here in the land of online learning—and how data synthesis for EdTech can help you keep your data private and compliant. 

    Your Data (And Student Data) Needs To Be Protected

    Working in education means that you need to be hyper-aware of data protection laws that help defend children's rights. Within the US, companies need to be mindful of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when handling student data.

    But then, how can you test and analyze in a data-driven world? The FTC is even cracking down on EdTech, making sure that everyone involved in the digitization of classes is aware of the regulations.

    How Data Synthesis in EdTech Works

    Thanks to’s platform, your organization can ensure that the data they use to create the next big thing in EdTech is protected from end to end. You’ll be able to test and demo your product safely with realistic synthetic data from our AI Synthesizer.

    With synthetic data, you get access to a world of data that looks and acts like your production data without the risks that come with using production data. Let’s check out some of the bigger perks of using Tonic:

    • Flex your product with safe demos. In today’s data-driven world, it’s difficult to pitch a product that relies so much on data, without using data you already have. Creating mock data for your demos is costly and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With our data mimicking, your team can easily get the data they need to show off your product.
    • Help prevent breaches before they happen. You need to keep your student’s data protected, especially as the EdTech world evolves and grows with the recent boom for online learning. Our differential privacy means that the synthetic data generated is safe from prying eyes. It’s mathematically guaranteed to be safe from re-identification. Malicious third parties can have all the fake data they want. It won’t do anything for them.
    • Alleviate the strain of staying within regulations. You can rest easy knowing we won't complicate your audits because Tonic already complies with the requirements of COPPA and FERPA. Your data is tokenized in its entirety on our platform. You comply with the stringent requirements of these laws because we do.
    • Test risk-free and safely. Your developers can test software safely without using real data thanks to our data synthesis and subsetting. Create smaller, more manageable data chunks so that your teams can test and develop using the precise data they require.
    • Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe. With role-based access control, only the necessary individuals have access to what they require. Admins are in charge of controlling user access to the platform, giving them the ability to specify which users have access to which portions of your data.

    Close The Book On Data Privacy

    Data protection laws that support the protection of children's rights must be carefully considered by EdTech companies. The FTC is making sure that everyone involved in the digitization of education is aware of its rules and strictly enforcing them in the EdTech sector. And we believe that the best way to do that is by using synthetic data.

    Ready to start your journey with synthetic data? Check out our ebook The Subtle Art Of Giving A F*** About Data Privacy to learn more about how Tonic works to keep your data safe and compliant. 

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