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Spring 2021 Product Update

Omed Habib
March 29, 2021
Spring 2021 Product Update
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    tl;dr We're excited to share what we've been busy building! Support for more DBs, subsetting advances, FK relationships across DBs, differential privacy generators, commenting, undo/redo, and more. Register for our Spring Launch webinar to see everything in action. 

    Spring 2021 Product Update

    Spring has been awesome at We launched an exciting rebrand and website, kicked off our webinars program, and nearly doubled the entire team's size. What makes Tonic great — alongside the team — is our product. 

    We've onboarded an incredible number of customers this year who are continuing to reap the benefits of safe data and privacy. We welcome the talented engineering teams at Rollbar, kin, Oxbury Bank, and more. The team at The Motley Fool is using Tonic to de-identify sensitive financial data. The folks at Everlywell are challenged with sensitive patient information and are using Tonic to produce HIPAA compliant and realistic data that mimics their production environments. 

    Our users generate petabytes of safe data that enable their remote development and QA teams, accelerate testing within their CI/CD pipelines, all while protecting user data privacy. As part of that journey, I'm excited to share with you what our engineering team has launched this year in our Spring 2021 update. 

    Native support for more databases

    Tonic has expanded its list of integrations to include:

    • DB2
    • BigQuery
    • Databricks
    •  Spark on Amazon EMR

    This further enables you to operationalize our technology in a multi-database environment. Not only does Tonic integrate with roughly a dozen databases now, it allows you to work across them, regardless of the type, to best reflect real-world data landscapes and maintain consistency between input and output when needed.

    The database-agnostic nature of Tonic and the ability to connect directly to your database, as opposed to a data-upload approach, are two of our key differentiators as compared to other tools currently available.

    You can view our full list of integrations in our docs with instructions on how to connect. 

    Advancing our market-leading subsetting capabilities

    Our subsetter now features a Full Algorithm approach to better capture the nuances of your subset targets across your database. It's worth noting that our subsetter is fully integrated within our data generation platform; it isn't a separate product or add-on.

    We've purposefully designed subsetting and data de-identification to work side-by-side in Tonic so that they take place in the same job. Why?

    • It reduces costs by eliminating the need for an additional output database
    • It increases performance by avoiding the need to run 2 separate jobs in series
    • And it lowers maintenance overhead associated with separate tools and extra steps that can break the process

    What else have we unleashed?

    • Format-preserving encryption to enable integrating encryption into existing applications
    • A new Foreign Key tool that allows you to view and add FK relationships across your DB
    • More out-of-the-box generators (including HIPAA Address, Date Shift, and UUID Key generators, as well as expanded linking capabilities)
    • Differential privacy for our Continuous generator
    • Commenting, undo/redo, and job warnings for a richer user workflow

    Curious to learn more?

    Join us for our Spring Launch demoing our latest features on April 6th at 11am PT.

    Omed Habib
    VP Marketing
    Omed is a fake data evangelist at Tonic. When not faking data or marketing, Omed is busy geeking out on all things software development, photography and cooking (the cooking stuff is still a work in progress). Omed formerly led Product Marketing teams at AppDynamics,, and helped launch startups from inception to unicorns.

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