Tonic is Excited to Sponsor Ministry of Testing's UI Automation Week

Chiara Colombi
February 22, 2021
Tonic is Excited to Sponsor Ministry of Testing's UI Automation Week
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    Ministry of Testing (MoT) has been helping developers connect with each other, learn new skills, and share their products for well over a decade. Their membership counts tens of thousands of software testers and QA engineers from all over the world and all levels of experience. It’s one of those rare organizations that has built a thriving community of people willing to contribute their time and energy in the spirit of inquiry and shared discoveries.

    UI Automation Week

    This week, Ministry of Testing launches UI Automation Week. Pro members can attend the virtual event as one of their membership perks, while others interested in the event can get tickets for £75 (about $105).

    This year, Tonic is joining in the fun as an enthusiastic sponsor.

    We’re excited to support MoT and its UI Automation Week for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we admire the community MoT has built. It offers outstanding services and learning opportunities that push developers to hone their skills in a collaborative context.

    UI Automation Week stands out as a great opportunity in this space. The event will include:

    • 4 99-minute workshops
    • A masterclass on UI testing
    • An AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a QA Lead from Sky
    • A panel discussion between 4 leaders in automation engineering
    • A MeetUp hosted by Ministry of Testing’s DojoBoss Mark Winteringham
    • Four Lean Coffees (if you're not familiar with Lean Coffee, you can learn more about its approach to structured, agendaless meetings here.)

    But what really makes the event stand out are its coding challenges. There’s something for every level of experience:

    • Basic UI Check (Beginner Challenge): Figure out how to automate a basic UI feature.
    • Clean Up Messy Code (Intermediate Challenge): Practice structuring UI automation code in sensible ways.
    • Visual Checking (Intermediate Challenge): Try a new approach to asserting information.
    • Automate a Desktop Application (Intermediate Challenge): Apply your knowledge of Web automation to native applications.
    • Update a Framework to Support Cross-Browser Checking (Expert Challenge): Discover ways to create and use grids for cross-browser and device automation.
    • Automate a Canvas/SVG Based Site (Expert Bonus Challenge): Find creative ways to automate HTML features and build a site with SVG/Canvas tags.

    What Tonic Has Planned for UI Automation Week

    The Tonic team has a busy schedule for UI Automation Week. Our virtual booth is open all week, so stop by anytime to learn more about generating quality test data with the Tonic platform. Specifically, we’ll be:

    • Hosting a session each day in which we challenge you to change our mind on this harmless little statement: “TEST DATA is the easiest part of QA” 😏
    • Offering personal break-out demo sessions with a round-robin of our folks from our engineering and sales teams
    • Hopping up on the main stage each day to say a quick hello 👋

    Book a Demo—Get a Shirt

    As an added perk for conference attendees, if you schedule a demo of Tonic during the week of the conference, we’ll send a newly rebranded, hot-off-the-press Tonic t-shirt your way.

    Of course, even if you don't plan to attend UI Automation Week, we’d still be happy to have you schedule a demo. (And if you mention this post, we’ll can find a t-shirt for you too.)

    See You at UI Automation Week!

    No matter what your current data generation needs are, stop by Tonic's virtual booth to say hello. We look forward to meeting more of the MoT community!

    Chiara Colombi
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