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Named entity recognition and sensitive data synthesis from free-text, PDF, and Word documents with Tonic Textual
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Tonic Textual scans for 25+ standard data types, but you can add unlimited custom data models to fit your needs.

Named Entity Recognition & Synthesis

Automatically detect sensitive information using the latest NER technologies and synthesize realistic replacements to protect and unlock the value in your unstructured data.

Named Entity Recognition for sensitive entity types

Tonic’s models are trained on private data across various domains and contexts, providing the most comprehensive coverage of named entity types amongst its competition.

More reliable than open source

Tonic Textual models outperform popular open source solutions by 3x. Reduce risk and improve efficiency with better named entity recognition.

Named Entity Recognition for sensitive entity types

Transform sensitive data in your unstructured text into desensitized entity labels or contextually relevant synthetic data. Preserve the realism of your training data while maintaining privacy and compliance rules.

For Model Training

Train your models with high-quality and realistic data, synthesized with Tonic Textual, to prevent sensitive data leakage.

Prevent sensitive data leakage

Prepare your data sets for model training using Tonic Textual to cleanse data of all sensitive information.

Integrates directly into your existing MLOps workflows

By adding a few lines of python code using our SDK, start working with synthetic data in minutes.

For Document Redaction

Protect your documents from prying eyes and share freely at scale.

Bulk document redaction

Automatically remove sensitive data from thousands of documents at once by using standard  document redaction or synthetic data replacements. Feed your data pipelines with de-identified document files for development, testing, and secure cold storage.

Data loss prevention for your documents

Automated monitoring, detection, and redaction of sensitive data across your documents to protect against data breaches and exfiltration.

For declassifying documents

High throughput detection and redaction of classified information so that documents can be shared across classification levels.
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