Elevating RAG System Reliability: Integration Testing with Tonic Validate & LlamaIndex

Ethan P
January 26, 2024
Elevating RAG System Reliability: Integration Testing with Tonic Validate & LlamaIndex
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    Hey RAG enthusiasts—Ethan, here. I’m a engineer developing Tonic Validate. On the back of our recent partnership announcement, I wanted to highlight the LlamaIndex integration we’ve built for Tonic Validate. Instead of painstakingly walking you through the integration, I thought it best to demonstrate its power through a real-world use case that addresses a problem you might be facing in your RAG development efforts.

    One use case for a RAG performance monitoring product that I find particularly useful is to establish integration tests for your RAG system, similar to how we as software developers run integration tests to flag bugs and block breaking changes when we commit new code. Once your RAG system is in production, it’s important to establish integration tests to ensure reliable performance when you make updates to the stack, connect new data, change models or versions, etc.

    In my guest post on LlamaIndex’s blog, I walk you through an example of how to use Tonic Validate, LlamaIndex, and GitHub Actions to create an integration test flow for your RAG system. I’m hoping you will find this useful as you continue down your RAG adventures. Read the full write-up on LlamaIndex’s blog, and let me know what you think. You can find me at Oh, and if you'd like to see Validate in action, be sure to join my colleague Senior AI Scientist Joe Ferrara for our webinar next week with He'll guide you through building a custom RAG chatbot and keeping it performant over time. See you there!

    Ethan P
    Software Engineer
    Ethan is a software engineer at Tonic AI. He has a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Math from NYU. He has experience working on machine learning systems for robotics and finance. He also founded a not for profit that builds affordable space satellites.

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