Why AI Synthesis

Build effective ML models

Gain confidence in your ML model training with more accurate synthetic data

Answer nuanced scientific questions

Perform analysis on data that provides proven degrees of accuracy and privacy.

Optimize your product and your business

Future-proof complex features and forecast scenarios to drive business decisions.

Achieve compliance and data governance

Meet the requirements of today and tomorrow’s data privacy laws with the most advanced protection processes available.

How we synthesize

What our customers are saying

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“Until you’ve tried to synthesize data, you don’t realize how important it is to find someone who does it for a living.”

Kevin Paige
Flexport Chief Information Security Officer
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“Nothing that we tried in-house is comparable to what we’re doing now with Tonic. It’s a game changer.”

Srikanth Rentachintala
Director of Buyer Experience Engineering
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“As more teams become aware of Tonic here at Alegeus, more of them want access to the data it's generating”

Nemo Nemeth
Head of Data Products at Alegeus