Regulatory compliance, mathematically guaranteed.

Achieve mathematical guarantees of data privacy to minimize the risk of re-identification—and show every regulation out there who’s boss. (It’s you. It’s definitely you.)

Fake it until you make it. Literally.

Our regulation-specific generators make safe data sharing a breeze. Whichever regulation governs your data, from HIPAA to GDPR to CCPA, generate realistic data that's tailored to comply.

Innovative. Integrated. The safest, fakest data on the market.

Synthesize, subset, repeat.

Choose from dozens of string and data types to build a dynamic model of your data and mimic to your heart’s content. Fake data keeps your production data safe, and subsetting makes that data smaller and easier to access. And it’s all 100% compliant with the most relevant industry standards.

Audit season? No sweat.

Never worry about whether your sensitive data is kept confidential and protected again. With synthetic data, real customer data never sees the light of day. There’s no data to breach if it’s fake all the way down.

Stay safe. Stay synthetic.


PII/PHI De-identification

Keep sensitive data out of your lower environments and minimize your risk of breaches and leaks with fake data for testing.

Differential Privacy

We guarantee data privacy with mathematical certainty to minimize the risk of data re-identification.

Schema Change Alerts & Audit Trails

Track every step of your data’s use for compliance and security, and never worry about new features introducing sensitive data into testing environments.



Generate data that is safe and legal to share across your organization and across borders to equip your off-shore teams.

On-Prem Deployment

Keep your data at its source with on-premises demployment, so you can use Tonic with zero risk from outside threats.


Maintain access control across users for increased security and improved collaboration, as well as fit within existing enterprise SSO controls.


Datatype Coverage

No matter what kind of data you work with, Tonic creates fake data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data.

10+ DB Support

Your entire data ecosystem, all accessible from one place. Your teams can work across databases and collaborate seamlessly.

“Before Tonic, there was a risk of sensitive data leaking out because people had it on their laptops. For us, it was pretty important for both the Series C raise and as we look ahead to IPO that we needed to lock that down. Tonic gives us a level of comfort and security with our data management.”

Stephen Wooten
Co-Founder & Director of Engineering
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Uplevel your staging environments with fake data from Tonic.  You’ll be in good company.