Achieve developer-friendly compliance

Generate realistic test data that ensures privacy and utility, to achieve regulatory compliance across your organization without introducing dysfunction into your developer workflows
PII-free test data
Faster release cycles
Return on investment
Privacy guarantees
  • Detect and de-identify PII to reduce risk in developer environments.
  • Enforce security policies by standardizing rules for data generation.
  • Apply regulatory-specific data transformations to ensure compliance.
Global enablement
  • Generate realistic data that is safe to share across borders to maximize off-shore resources.
  • Create geographically-targeted datasets via subsetting for data localization.
  • Meet the de-identification requirements of international regulations.
Unblocked development
  • Streamline data governance to eliminate costly bottlenecks.
  • Optimize data readiness to enable shift-left testing and development.
  • Catch bugs earlier and ship product faster with more realistic test data.
The test data platform for compliance
Realistic data masking that preserves privacy and utility

Apply granular de-identification techniques that securely remove all PII from your data without damaging the data’s utility in testing and development.

Patented database subsetting for data minimization

Further minimize the risk of data leaks in developer environments by shrinking PBs of data down to GBs with a patented subsetter that preserves referential integrity.

Built-in data governance tools for visibility and security

Access privacy reports and audit trails with customizable RBAC to monitor and validate adherence to privacy compliance throughout your test data pipelines.

Uplevel your staging environments with fake data from Tonic. You’ll be in good company.
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