Fastest way to spin up fully prepared databases.

Have datasets larger than a terabyte? Leverage subsetting to maximize efficiency.
18.8 seconds

Effortlessly create isolated test databases to ship features faster

Equip your developers with the ready-to-go data they need to keep fast-paced projects on track

Create databases automatically with every merge request
Spin up pre-populated databases for testing purposes as part of your CI/CD pipeline, and automatically tear them down once the tests are done.
Spin up databases on demand
Quickly and painlessly spin up databases at the click of a button for testing, bug reproduction, demos, and more with built-in container orchestration.
Stand up database subsets optimized for development
Use our patented subsetter to shrink PBs down to GBs without breaking referential integrity, then leverage Tonic Ephemeral to spin up a database with only the data needed for development to cut cloud costs and maximize efficiency.
Spin down databases when inactive
Got databases no longer in use? Tonic Ephemeral monitors for inactivity to help you save on uptime costs.
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Easily customize storage limits and set expirations
Supports the databases you use the most
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Streamlined database subsets

Pair our patented subsetter with Tonic Ephemeral to get all the data subsets you need for only as long as you need them. Maximize efficiency by getting your developers access to one-off datasets for local development, without driving up compute costs.

Rapid Dataset Duplication

Eliminate lag and wait-times in sourcing isolated datasets for development and testing environments. Quickly and painlessly spin up copies of existing databases for testing, bug reproduction, demos, and more.

Optimized Cost Management

No more overpaying for unused data: Tonic Ephemeral’s databases come with built-in expiration timers. Set your databases to automatically expire when they’re no longer needed, saving you storage and compute costs.

Seamless API Automation

Streamline your data workflows effortlessly using Tonic Ephemeral’s APIs. Stand up a database in seconds with a single API call, then have the database automatically torn down once it’s no longer in use.

Streamline your data environments today.

Unblock data access and turbocharge development, all while keeping costs safely under control.