Scalable fake data for the enterprise

Your teams work hard, and so do we. All the tools you need to safely and securely mimic your data, now available in a single platform.

Liberate your team. Protect your customers.

Practical, scalable fake data that behaves just like the real thing. It’s basically production data—with none of the security risks, none of the management costs, and all the enterprise capabilities. (And yes, we mean ALL.)

Tonic for Enterprises

Mirror the complexity of your data at scale

Work across databases of multiple types to apply pioneering data synthesis, de-identification, and subsetting solutions, and generate realistic datasets tailored to each of your teams’ needs. Hydrate staging environments, equip offshore developers, and build effective ML training models with safe, useful data you can rely on.

Ensure data privacy compliance

From deploying on-premises to applying the mathematical guarantees of differential privacy, achieve compliance throughout your data generation pipeline. Safeguard against leaks, breaches, and costly fines with data that is safe to share across your organization and across international borders.

Collaborate and integrate with a platform solution

Commenting, SSO, RBAC, and audit trails provide security, governance, and visibility every step of the way. Support for all the leading databases and connectivity by way of API and webhooks enable seamless integrations within your CI/CD workflows.

We help your team do what they do best


Staging Environments

Use test data that looks, acts, and behaves like production in staging—because it’s made from production data.

Offshore Teams

Use test data that looks, acts, and behaves like production in staging—because it’s made from production data.


Tool Consolidation

One platform for all your de-identification, synthesis, and subsetting needs, with compliance baked in.

Data Minimization

Big data, who? Help your team with only the data they need with subsetting and workspace management.

CI/CD Optimization

Seamlessly integrate safe test data into your development process, without impacting downstream or production databases.



Compliant de-identification, with regulation-specific data generators for the safest data sharing money can buy.


Unparalleled visibility across your de-identification infrastructure and practices, thanks to Admin roles, RBAC, and audit trails.

“Tonic has an intuitive, powerful platform for generating realistic, safe data for development and testing. Tonic has helped eBay streamline the very challenging problem of representing the complexities contained within Petabytes of data distributed across many environments.”

Senthil Padmanabhan
VP of Engineering
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Uplevel your staging environments with fake data from Tonic.  You’ll be in good company.

Fake your world a better place

Enable your developers, unblock your data scientists, and respect data privacy as a human right.