Building fake data is much harder than it looks.

If you’re struggling with an in-house solution for generating or de-identifying your data, trust us: you’re not alone. Here’s why it hurts.

It’s not just the data.
It’s the integrations you’ll need.

Get an added layer of security with RBAC and audit trails for full visibility and governance throughout your data generation pipeline.

What you need is a platform solution.

Add up all of the above requirements, and the answer is clear: you need a platform solution. Are we suggesting that you build a data de-identification platform in-house? Of course not, unless that’s the product you’re paid to be building. Happily, that is the product we’re paid to be building. Here’s why it’s worth your while to check out Tonic.

TLDR; It’s cheaper, faster, and more powerful to buy a best-in-class solution like Tonic, than to bog your talented team down with a problem we’ve already solved.

Get quality data faster, with privacy guaranteed.