Get production data out of staging.

Achieve the balance you need between data privacy and data utility without making compromises.

Why InfoSec loves Tonic

Keep data at its source
Deploy on-prem, even into air-gapped environments, and connect directly to your database, whatever the type, with Tonic’s universal connectors.
Ensure privacy
Apply differential privacy to transform your data securely with built-in mathematical guarantees against re-identification.
Mitigate risk
Automate PII detection to de-identify on the fly and make data safe for staging or sharing externally.
Prevent leaks
Automate schema change detection to flag production data for de-identification and keep it safely out of staging.
Streamline oversight
Maintain audit trails every step of the way and never lose sight of how your data is handled.
Give DevOps a security tool they'll love and IT the data infrastructure they need.
Docker deployment
Universal connectors to work with any data source
API Automation with CI/CD
Shared workspaces

Elevate security and developer productivity by safeguarding data access with advanced data generation.

"Our security team loves Tonic because it solves a complex problem crucial to reducing risk for our company. It’s a huge win for Flexport, equipping us with the real security we need to meet compliance obligations and safeguard our customer's privacy."
Kevin Paige,