Fake numbers never looked so good.

Run better development tests and easily satisfy compliance requirements with fake data for financial services professionals.

Flexible, responsive data AND bullet-proof compliance? Yes, you can have it all.

You need real data to run real tests, but finance boasts more regulations and compliance requirements than you can shake a stick at. The solution? Data that looks and feels like production, but isn’t. It’s all lab-grown synthetic data, baby. 

For devs in finance, the safest data is fake data.

Way ahead of you, GDPR

Never worry about data leaks or regulatory compliance again. Tonic automatically locates and de-identifies PII/PHI throughout your database, so you can face audits without breaking a sweat.

Start innovating again

Does your team feel stifled by the lack of innovation possible in a world defined by compliance? Develop and scale safely without exposing customer data with the world’s most comprehensive data mimicking tool.

 There’s no privacy like differential privacy

You need test data without a trace of private information. At Tonic.ai, we use mathematically-guaranteed differential privacy to ensure that your customer’s personal, behavioral, and transactional data stays safe and protected.

Complex data means complex mimicking

There’s no way around it: We’re the best in the world at data mimicking. In finance, you work with highly complex datasets that require advanced solutions to mimic efficiently and safely. It’s a tough nut to crack… but we did it.

“We had a release coming up in under 6 weeks and needed test data. Since we deal in customer financial information, copying data from prod was unthinkable. Tonic worked with me to meet all my deadlines and the release went off without a hitch.”
QA Manager,
Fortune 100 FinServ

Uplevel your staging environments with fake data from Tonic.  You’ll be in good company.

Fake your world a better place

Enable your developers, unblock your data scientists, and respect data privacy as a human right.