An all-in-one platform for quality data generation

What do we mean by all-in-one? All the tools you need for data de-identification, synthesis, and subsetting (see below), combined with enterprise-ready functionality.
Data privacy guarantees
Schema change alerts
CI/CD integrations via API
On-premises deployment

Complete data type and database coverage

From consumers to corporations, everyone’s data is special. Get the comprehensive coverage you need to mirror today’s complex data ecosystems.
Native support for 10+ SQL and NoSQL databases
50+ data type specific generators
Neural network generative models
Event data generation

Multi-database subsetting

Meet our secret sauce, the feather in our cap, and the patent in our pocket. We’ve pioneered cross-database subsetting to minimize your data footprint and get you the targeted, coherent slice of data that you need, pulled from across all of your databases.
Referential integrity preserved
Shrink PB down to GB
Multi-table seed data
Custom selects

How Tonic works

step 1

Setup — Cloud or On-premises

Your data never leaves your environment. doesn’t need, doesn’t want, and will never see your production data.
step 2

Connect Tonic to every database

Yep, Tonic talks to all the leading DBs: Postgres, MySQL, Redshift, Snowflake, MongoDB, and more—the list keeps growing!
step 3

Mimic your data

Detect sensitive data, apply datatype-specific masking and synthesis generators, preview the output in-app, and hit generate to hydrate testing with high-quality data that looks, acts, and feels like production data because it’s made from production data.
step 4

Integrate Tonic into your CI/CD pipeline

How does fresh test data on the daily sound to you? Set Tonic to automatically generate as often as you need, and get data that is always in sync with production.
step 5

Turbocharge your development cycle

Tonic doesn’t just create secure data—that’s table stakes. Tonic creates useful data. Shorten your development cycle, debug with ease, and release up to 5x more per day by up-leveling your lower environments with real fake data.
bonus step

Subset your data. Across DBs. Of different types. 😎

Cross-database subsetting that fully preserves referential integrity? It’s as awesome as it sounds. Get each developer on your team the targeted slice of data they need, sized to fit on their local laptop environments. It’s how eBay shrinks 8PB down to 1GB datasets.

Stellar Support

From our eng team to yours, we ❤️ developers. We’re proud to offer a solution that’s giving you back your time to build your own products. And when your data gets gnarly, we’re happy to help.
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“They have a superstar engineering team. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Nemo Nemeth
Head of Data Products at Alegeus
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“With Tonic, there’s never been a moment where they said, ‘No, we can’t do this.’ It’s always, ‘Let’s figure out how we can do it.”

Srikanth Rentachintala
Director of Buyer Experience Engineering at eBay
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“They’ve been fully involved and super helpful to our team. We’re very happy to have found them.”

Kevin Paige
CISO at Flexport

The proof is in the pudding

From Silicon Valley digital natives to GDPR-regulated enterprises, we’re equipping teams around the world with the privacy and utility they need to maximize their data pipelines. Read their stories to learn how.