One API for all of your data generation needs.

Access all of Tonic’s functionality by way of our RESTful API.

Automatic workflow integrations with webhooks

From Slack notifications to Github Actions to Asana tasks, trigger actions outside of Tonic to integrate data generation seamlessly into your workflows using webhooks.

Robust workflows build robust products

Set up in four steps

Create an incoming webhook in your target application and copy the URL
Create a webhook in Tonic
  • Set one or multiple event triggers
  • Configure the URL
  • Configure the text, with optional variables to include information from Tonic
Test your webhook directly in Tonic or in other systems like Postman
Enable/disable any webhook on demand
*Compatible with any application supporting incoming webhooks
*Additional customization available
custom scripts

Act on your fake data instantly with post-job scripts

Execute custom SQL scripts that run on your destination database as soon as Tonic has generated your new data.